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When they were here last time the HVAC guys from Empire focused on getting the new furnace to supply the existing house. With the framing essentially complete they can now extend the ductwork into the addition. Even though we just had our first cold snap of the season they say that the week before Christmas is typically slow. Everyone's blown their budget on presents I guess.

I'm particularly concerned about keeping the loft cool and comfortable during our long hot summers. The vaulted ceilings took away most of our obvious routes to get ducts up there so this is what the architect came up with. Starting in the basement where the old staircase used to be, we took one big supply and one big return duct up through the back of the bathroom closet…

into the old attic space, and over to the loft ridge. They'll also be giving the loft it's own zone and a separate thermostat, even though everything will still operate off our single existing compressor. The zoning technology they use is by Arzel and of course I researched it and am excited to see how it will work.

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