This was really the first full day of framing and it was amazing to see how much they got done. They started by putting in the stairs from the basement up to the main floor.

Some of these guys were fearless (or foolish?). This guy is working along the top of a wobbly 3-1/2" wide wall, almost 20 feet above the ground, while dragging an air hose for his nail gun.

By the end of the day the main floor exterior walls were framed and sheathed. The south wall will have double windows centered above the basement doors. The east wall has a smaller window and a bathroom window. At some point the existing window in the kids room (the first one visible in the brick here) will be removed and replaced with two larger windows.

This is the long wall of the new covered porch. The inside is mostly stairwell so there won't be any openings except for a dog door near the French doors.

They haven't cut doorways through the existing main floor wall yet, so I found it easiest to just go in and out this window in the kids room when I needed to talk to Hector. Kenna is beginning to get used to all the activity but she tries to keep very close tabs on me when I step out.

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  1. on 12 Nov 2006 at 6:53 pm Cousin Julie

    Looks like the house is going good. Can’t wait to see the final product. I have to say yall did a good job picking out a dog. She is adorable. :]

    Love yall,

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