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The basement extension holding up the new bedroom also covers the only outside entrance to the old basement area, which is largely used as my wood shop. Of course this new basement space will be getting its own walkout doorway, but since it is likely to be eventually finished off into a real room, I wanted an independent path to bring lumber in and out. Here's where it's going. I must note, though, that a 20 ft. camellia bush - in fact the very bush that inspired Hannah's middle name that January so long ago - had to be sacrificed in order to get access to this spot. Because of the grade of the yard on this side, there was no choice in location.

While the masonry saw was rented, John also cut an opening in the old bricks for a second window in the room above. Even the old bedroom window had to be enlarged at the bottom because it wasn't big enough to meet current code.


Here is the cut from the inside. I did ask John how he could be so certain that the inside cuts would align with the outside cuts. (Tip: These sorts of questions must be asked very carefully!) He told me, but I'll leave it to you to figure out.

The door itself isn't here yet so he just boarded up the opening for now. 

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